ALMUNI SPOTLIGHT – Ron Waldridge II, MD | Class of 1999
President and Chief Medical Officer, Jewish Hospital

When did you graduate from Leadership Shelby? I am a proud graduate of the Leadership Shelby Class of 1999!

How did you become involved in the program? An alumni from the prior year reached out and recommended that I apply for the program. I knew participants from the previous three years and had heard about the quality of the program. My partners encouraged me to make time to participate, and I’m glad that I did.

What do you do for a living? Following in my Dad’s footsteps, I am a primary care physician. I joined his family practice in Shelby County and served in that capacity for more than 20 years. After our practice joined the KentuckyOne Health network, I took on physician leadership roles. Currently, I serve as President and Chief Medical Officer of Jewish Hospital, and also as the Physician Executive of the KentuckyOne Health Medical Group.

What did you enjoy most about your LS class year? The program opened my eyes to the many industries and services that exist in Shelby County. Even though I was raised here, there was so much of the community of which I was unaware. The program also helped me make connections with people that I didn’t know.

Did you have an especially funny moment that year? One of my favorite programs was the Agriculture Day. Being raised on a farm, I thought it was fun to see the expressions on my classmates’ faces that were unaccustomed to farm life.

Are you still in contact with your classmates? Yes, a number of our class members have continued to stay in touch for business and social activities. Some of my classmates became my patients while I was in medical practice.

What principles from your LS experience do you still carry with you today? Being aware of what’s going on in your community is vitally important. Although I now spend my days in Louisville, I’ve made staying in touch a priority. I also learned the value of nurturing relationships, which benefit all of the community.

What are your current volunteer endeavors? Currently, I volunteer with the American Heart Association and serve as an advocate for multiple health care related groups in our Kentucky legislature.

Why is LS relevant today? Why should people apply to the program? The need to connect with other leaders in our community is needed more than ever, particularly with the growth our county has seen. The experiences and friendships made during the time together is invaluable.

Why should people/businesses consider donating to or sponsoring Leadership Shelby?
Helping to support and sustain the Leadership Shelby program will have an impact in our community for years to come. It’s also a good way to connect your organization with a group of active, diverse leaders.

What is your favorite food? My favorite food is definitely a cheeseburger!

What are your hobbies? Hunting, fishing, and hiking are some of my favorite outdoor activities. As a sports spectator, I enjoy collegiate basketball and football, as well as the NFL.

What is one thing people may not know about you? It can be something funny, unusual, an achievement you’re proud of etc. In high school, I got involved in the theater program and had the opportunity to portray Danny Zuko from “Grease” in the 1982 Shelby County High School production!


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