ALMUNI SPOTLIGHT – Lee Webb | Class of 2000

When did you graduate from Leadership Shelby? 2000

How did you become involved in the program? Mentors and previous participants suggested I get involved. It was one of the first professional community engagements I had in my career locally.

What do you do for a living? Commercial Real Estate Broker & Owner

What did you enjoy most about your LS class year? I enjoyed the process our class went through to learn the depth and breadth of waht Shelby County has to offer via industry, tourism, education, non-profits, small business, and agriculture. I had no idea back then that I would use that information so extensively in my career. When I talk with companies and individuals about the commercial real estate market in Shelby County today, their first questions start with those sectors.

Did you have an especially funny moment that year? Our class project was to “drink a beer and roast a pig.” Inspiring stuff.

Are you still in contact with your classmates? Yes. I enjoy attending the gatherings and luncheons, but even more so, I enjoy the ways our work and lives intersect on a regular basis in the community – whether I’m having a meeting over a cup of coffee downtown or dropping my kids off at school.

What principles from your LS experience do you still carry with you today? Growing up in Shelbyville, I thought I knew everything about our county, but that wasn’t the case. Since I was just beginning my career, I learned the principle of listening to others and how valuable their individual stories are to our community.

What are your current volunteer endeavors?  Christ Community Church, Coaching at the Park, Shelby County Industrial Foundation Board, Mentoring, Speaking.

Why is LS relevant today? Why should people apply to the program?Leadership Shelby reminds us of our identity by connecting generations and stories in our history, yet helps us see the immense possibilities we have going forward. Rachel and I have encouraged many of our friends to apply. We can’t think of a more holistic experience for someone who wants to make a difference in Shelby County – whether they just moved here three months ago or have lived here for decades.

Why should people/businesses consider donating to or sponsoring Leadership Shelby?
I work with individual and corporate investors every day and there is one predominant goal when they spend their money – they want to see a return. By supporting Leadership Shelby, your payback is not just brand awareness or increased sales, you are coming alongside 20+ eclectic local leaders to create a positive ripple effect in our community.

What is your favorite food? A country cooked meal. Of course, that means lima beans must be on the plate.

What are your hobbies?Building forts with my kids, reading, podcasting, exercise, and golf.

What is one thing people may not know about you? It can be something funny, unusual, an achievement you’re proud of etc.I authored a book titled Go Outside
and have a podcast featured on iTunes with the same title.


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